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The Tidal Disruption of Stars by Supermassive Black Holes (eBook)

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Michael Kesden "New Astrophysical Probes of Black-Hole Spin"

Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. This book provides a general introduction to the rapidly developing astrophysical frontier of stellar tidal disruption, but also details original thesis research on the subject.

When stretching stars with black holes gets unstable | astrobites

For this to occur the star must pass within tidal radius, the distance at which the tidal force from the black hole can overcome the self-gravity that keeps the star intact and spherical. Passing stars are not always disrupted however—those that plunge too deep within the tidal radius may be swallowed whole, while others may only be partially disrupted or miss the tidal field altogether, avoiding disruption completely.

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A star that finds itself within the tidal radius begins to stretch into a stream, getting longer as it continues its orbit around the black hole. Approximately half of the elongated stream of stellar debris is then gravitationally bound to the black hole, while the other half remains unbound and escapes out into the galaxy at high velocities.

The bound debris begins to fall back towards the black hole and forms an accretion disc that feeds it see Figure 1. This accretion process can power a highly luminous and detectable flare from the disc. The authors of this paper have modelled these TDEs computationally and were the first to simulate the full evolution of the events with realistic parameters.

The fine line between total and partial tidal disruption events

The difference in initial return times is due to a change in stellar structure that the star would experience at the time of disruption. In these simulations the accretion disc that forms around the black hole is not modelled. This rate typically follows a curve that rises to a peak followed by a power law decay.

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  6. The authors investigate 1 how well the simulations match predictions with this power law behaviour and 2 the effects of self-gravity throughout the stream. The authors show the fallback rate against time in Figure 2 and we can see that their numerical simulations black do approximately follow the analytical prediction red dashed.

    The numerical result, however, shows that the first fallback of material reaches the accretion disc sooner than predicted.