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Who knows how long the tiny object was orbiting the Sun until its path finally crossed the Earth.

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This trail is the falling star , or meteor. The size of the trail depends on the speed of the object, the angle it struck the atmosphere at, and the amount of mass that it has. The largest objects can leave a trail across the sky that lasts for a few seconds. These are the times when the Earth orbit takes us through the tail of an ancient comet.

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The next night, the same window will be only minutes long. This shower is named for the constellation Perseus, which is where the meteors will appear to originate, but you ought to keep your field of vision as open as possible. Binoculars and telescope are not recommended. NASA suggests lying down on your back and allowing 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark. But why would you, anyway, when the celestial event of the year seeks your undivided attention?