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Despite being a very popular tool, the general public expresses a lot of scepticism over whether visualization can even have a positive effect on your life. So does visualization work? The answer is yes and no, and it depends greatly on the approach of how you start using visualization in practice.

The concept of visualization is pretty simple.

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You use the power of your imagination to create visions of what you want in life and how you will make them happen. You play a movie or imagine pictures in your head of what and how you want something to happen.

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The main science behind visualization is that the brain has a hard job distinguishing between what really happens in your life and what you imagine. So when you imagine something, you psychologically create new neural connections in your brain , as they would if the thing you imagined really happened to you.

Not surprisingly, visualization is quite popular in sports, where players imagine how they score and win a game. Something along the lines of: keep laying in front of the TV, imagine how pretty, rich and happy you are, and all of it will happen all by itself, as long as you visualize it strongly enough. There are no shortcuts in life. AutoCad or something. Now spend a few days in a row visualizing how you can really master the software without opening it at all. Just visualize hard. After a few days, open your computer, run the software and see what happens.

Research has also shown that only visualizing without taking action can make you into a daydreamer. It relaxes you; you imagine that you already achieved what you wanted remember, your brain actually thinks that , so you become demotivated. Yes, visualization can be counter-productive. The false hope of a shortcut and visualization without action are two of the most common reasons why visualization is often the subject of ridicule. If nothing else, such an approach violates the basic spiritual and practical guideline that you reap only what you sow.

Quite the contrary, to be fit, you have to invest a lot of energy, time, effort and have iron-clad will. But visualization can be a strong tool if you use it the right way.

5 Ways To Manifest Your Reality With The Power of Visualization

In that case, visualization can work. The first necessary thing to mention is the power of your brain. Humans are the only living beings on Earth who can visualize things before they are materialized. You can imagine things that don't even yet exist in reality. Imagine how the future will look like and then make it happen.

This is why Albert Einstein claimed that imagination is more important than knowledge. Everyone has the ability to imagine what has not yet been created as well as the power to create it. You have the power to do the same, to contribute, to create. Someone imagined a solution in their heads and then made it come true. And this is also the main mission of every person on this planet: to create besides enjoying life and becoming the best version of yourself.

Every idea is born twice, first in your head, with help of visualization , and then it materializes through work. The first incredible power of visualization is that it helps you think of new ideas. You can imagine how the future will look like.

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Then through actions, you also have the power to make it come true. Only individuals with an incredibly strong vision changed the world. All problems must become irrelevant when you think of your big vision. A good example is Henry Ford who had the vision that the car will be accessible to everyone.

4 Scientific Reasons Why Visualization Will Increase Your Chances to Succeed

Before his vision, the car was only accessible to the richest individuals. And he had the vision that the entire planet will be full of cars. If you look around now, you can see that his vision came true. He discovered that people who did a virtual workout over three months in their minds were able to increase their muscle strength by In order to visualize and manifest the kind of life you want, it's very important to have a clear idea of what you want and why.

This can be achieved by understanding what you value and what brings you the most joy in life. Have you ever had that moment when you were doing something and felt joyful doing it?

The Power of Creative Visualization - Vishen Lakhiani

If yes, then that is a good sign of something you might want to have in your life. This is one of the most important steps. When you want to manifest the life you want, you have to create a clear vision of what it should look like. You can write this down in detail or you could create a vision board. This will help you to create a clear and full picture of what your life would look like. Ask yourself: If I had a magic wand to make anything happen, what would my life look like?

Visualization is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime. Do it for a minute, half an hour or an hour—whatever amount of time feels comfortable for you. Choose a setting that works for you. Settle into a comfortable spot, lying down or sitting up. Before you begin your visualization, practice some mindful breathing for five minutes. Focus on each inhale and exhale, and let any thoughts you have pass by. It could be a place, person, animal or moment.

Maybe it involves water or trees, or a specific room in a specific house.

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Maybe it is a memory from childhood or an instance that happened last week. Whatever it is, it makes you feel good. What do you see? Continue with the visualization until you start to be surprised by what comes to you. Picture the turquoise blue color of the ocean and the smell of the salty air.